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If you lost your password we are not able to validate you.
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Pool Fee 0.95%

PORT 3201 for DIFF 131072
To hold and have a running Fastcoin pool is tricky and always some tx not transferred correctly.
Fastcoin is fast and miner ho use this pool should now that sometimes some Auto-payment not correctly transferred to exchange or external wallet.
We only give support not correct transfers or really something goes wrong with all payouts.
To Protect you from wrong tx set Auto-payment is mandatory! And our experience shows and good Auto-payout is set to 50FST !
Also, there is the possibility of a total loss what happened at our Fastcoin pool several times because our Wallet was suddenly on a wrong Blockchain, and that means then all transaction at this time or new blocks true invalid. At the moment there is only this pool but if there are others, there is an acute danger for the mining pool. If you use this pool you are aware of this risk.
Terms & Conditions

This Agreement governs your use of Fastcoin mining pool ( FST ) [ SCRYPT ].

  • By using any of the Pools or registering an account on the website, you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions below. If you do not agree with the terms and conditions in this Agreement you may not use the Pool.
  • The Fastcoin mining pool ( FST ) [ SCRYPT ] staff may modify this Agreement and any policies affecting the Site at any point of time. Such modification is effective immediately upon posting to the website and will be distribution via email, forum post and a link in chat. Your continued use of the Pool following any modification to this Agreement shall be deemed an acceptance of all modifications.
  • The Pool rewards miners according to a PROP system with 0.95% fee. The fee may change at any time, but notice will be given before doing so. Any fee change will be communicated through the pools news page.The payout amount of pool per Block, fee, can be different then displayed, maybe the fee is higher then displayed you have to compare for! Mastermining.net are very fast mining pool and we get the best to give our user good earnings
  • The Pool is not an e-wallet or a bank for your coins. The Pool and it's operators are not responsible for any loss of coins which are stored on the Pool. It is your responsibility to configure your account so that the coins you mine are regularly transferred to your own secured offline wallet.
  • The uptime of the pool or website is not guaranteed, maintenance and downtime may be required at times. Users are responsible for configuring their miners so that they will automatically reconnect, switch to all the pools we offer or a backup pool in the case of downtime.
  • You have to monitor yourself and judge whether the income is sufficient and if not this miner may not use the pool, if you do not agree with it you should not need this pool. Mastermining.net is not in any form liable for mining income and pool balances.
  • You must use the car payment otherwise the damage for you may be a great loss of long-term deposited money.
  • Mastermining.net assumes no financial liability or is not responsible for other major damages. By using this pool / platform you agree to accept these terms!
  • Botnets are not welcome. Accounts with a large amount of miners connecting from different IPs may be suspended without prior notice. If we are uncertian then an investigation will be opened and the user will be notified via their configured e-mail address. If we do not receive a response your account may be suspended.
  • Multiple accounts controlled by one person may be considered as a botnet and an investigation will be opened, see above point.